1. We’re back!

    Sorry we haven’t been posting at all lately. School’s been impossible and the stress was overwhelming but now that we’re two weeks into summer, we’ve finally been able to make the new Growl Shirts!¬†They’re available with the right descriptions in the previous post.

    We’re currently arranging on how to deliver these shirts with Joseph Carlo Herrera.

    Further details to be announced ASAP!

    Sorry for the wait but thanks for waiting! :D

  2. Anonymous said: Where do you guys have your shirts madee?

    We don’t stick with just one producer but usually, we just use connections.

  3. Anonymous said: How will we pay if we're from the Philippines?

    Just provide contact information (cellphone) and we’ll arrange a proper meeting time somewhere. :)

  4. Anonymous said: When will you be selling internationally?

    We’re working on that right now! We’ll let you know once we do, though! :D

  5. Anonymous said: Where can I buy the wolf shirt? xD

    You can order a shirt right here! Just provide information (all information is secure) on where we can meet you (NCR only) and submit it in our comments section.

  6. Copyright The Block Clothing Growl [Design 04]Design by: Gabriela Serrano Order now!350 PHP (Additional 50 PHP delivery fee if necessary)» Buy 2 shirts, get it for 600 PHP. 3 shirts, 875 PHP! 20 USD
 Sizes: XS, S, M(Message or go to http://thecarlochronicles.com/shop/the-block/ if you are interested)
  7. Anonymous said: When are the new designs coming in? :D

    We’ve got new designs coming up this week! Keep in touch, and they’ll be up as soon as possible! :D

  8. New Layout!

    Layout Info:

    Designer: Clarisse
    Fonts use: Jose and Heinwriting, both from DaFont

    Some of the hovers don’t work properly in Internet Explorer, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Mariel still hasn’t told me what to put in the About and Contact sections, so, for now, those are under construction. Please tell me if there’s anything I may have overlooked. Thank you. :)

    BTW, sorry for posting this without your permission, Mariel. :))

    - Clarisse

  9. Copyright The Block Clothing Hipster Polar Bear [Design 03]Design by: Gabby Serrano Order now!275 PHP (Additional 50 PHP delivery fee if necessary)20 USD Sizes: XS, S, M(Message or go to http://thecarlochronicles.com/shop/the-block/ if you are interested)